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Ibrahim Abdullahi Aliyu

I'm creative and self-motivated software developer, an open-source hobbyist, and a great team player with experience leading and or co-leading tech communities in campus. I love working with creative and awesome people to create great softwares and solutions

I'm looking for remote opportunities to join a diverse team building an awesome product. I'm open to fulltime, contract or freelance engagement.

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Some of the things i know
Vue JS

Some of the things I've done

Software Developer at Estate Intel January, 2022 - Present
As a Software Developer, I:
  • Leads the frontend development of Vesper, a data-driven real estate assistance for African cities.
  • Collaborated with other engineers to fix more than 70 fixes and improvements to the company’s app and website within 3 months of onboarding including SEO, Performance and Usability.
Software Developer at Hooli Technologies Nigeria Limited September, 2019 - January, 2022
As a Software Developer, I:
  • Exteneded SaaS PWA functionality to enable working offline which in turn improved software security and UX.
  • Worked on product re-enginnering of an existing system there by increasing features delivery by 27%.
  • Wrote technical documentation, making sure it's updated timely as features get updates
  • Contributed dozens of features to Pipersoft (piper.com.ng) an offline-first inventory management software, spearheaded research to capture customer unique use cases and implement new features.
Intern at Hooli Consults March, 2019 - September, 2019
As an intern, I:
  • Collaborated with other developers and product managers to implement a REST-API for an application
  • Delivered customer support and trained new clients of company
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B. Sc., Computer Science @ Bayero University November, 2016 - July, 2021
  • Recipient of "Most Dedicated Student" Award.
  • Graduated with a 4.46 CGPA.

Some of my projects

Accounting software for small & medium businesses

Building an accounting software for small and medium scale businesses, including accessibility features for people with little educational background.

An interactive task management software

Building an time management and reminder software

Bookkeeping & Inventory management software

Testing software and reports back issues and bugs to improve software performance

JSON { BIN } IT! OSS Contribution
A new way to store JSON on the fly

Adds dark theme to the app and makes it possible for users to toggle between light and dark theme.

Academico OSS Contribution
Lavarel-based school management platform for small and medium institutions

Using AJAX request, makes it possible for instructor to delete contacts on students.

What I do in my spare time